The Vortex-Faced Being Speaks:
If wind is air moving, air is made in part of oxygen, and as this Apparatus 22 states justly proclaims, “hope is the new oxygen,” then we may ask, what are those unseen narratives carried by the wind? During this residency those questions can be directed to the face of the wind itself, we call it the Vortex-Faced Being.

Using a delta wing model in a wind tunnel we have been able to visualize the face of the wind. It was first uncovered at the NATO-von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics by Wind Egg experiment researchers.

Over the last three years we have taught it rudimentary language using a specially designed python computer program. The lessons included Latin, emoticons, modernist poetry (especially that of Daniil Kharms), and periodic live typing. Now we can retrofit this program as an interface and communicate with the face. What metaphors does the wind carry?

This is a webpage by web resident and artist Haseeb Ahmed – chosen by Apparatus 22 for the third call for Schloss Post Web Residencies on the topic “SUPRAINFINIT: L’Avenir redux.” From November 1 until December 1. Haseeb Ahmed will create a narrative told from the standpoint of the wind itself through a series of weekly text and image posts as well as longer video work.

-Haseeb Ahmed

04.12.2015- Introductory Scientific Poster

04.05.2016- Film: L7 Wind Personification Wind Tunnel Lab
in Wind Egg experiment at the NATO-von Karman Institue for Fluid Dynamics

29.11.2015- Registered Facial Expressions of the Wind

29.11.2015- Composite Face of the Wind

14.11.2016- The Vortex Face found in Architectural Ornament

18.11.2016- Interview w/ Haseeb Ahmed on Vortex Faced Being